No matter who you are… Grow the Music welcomes all ages, from all walks of life to celebrate the universal language of Music!

Our workshops engage and improve relationships between participants. We use simple and age appropriate methods to instruct and collaborate. We provide instruments and resources that are accessible, popular and inexpensive, in an environment where students are a central part of the creative process.

Primary Schools
Workshops for K-7.

Classroom based Music sessions, introducing the foundations of singing and music using recycled instruments and environment. Grow the Music facilitators work within the framework and focus of the school or classroom to provide a seamless and relevant session. We work to support teachers in delivering basic musical concepts, providing workshops notes and materials for on-going education.

Rock Band
Ages 12-25yrs

These workshops are ongoing, with a focus on the Rock Band instruments: Drums, Bass, Guitar and Keyboard. The sessions explore ways to create through singing, songwriting, rapping and recording, building trust and confidence in all participants. These workshops are suited to community groups and alternative schools who are looking for unique ways to engage students.

Adult Rehearsal Sessions

We provide tuition and guidance for emerging musicians to rehearse and prepare for a performance whether individually or in a group. On-going training or one-off workshops are available.

Mobile Recording Studio

A part  of every ongoing workshop, Grow the Music brings the digital world to your fingertips. We work with participants to refine and record their own songs and learn about the various technologies available. We use iPads and the latest software in all the facets of recording and creating music digitally.

Bush Trips
Ages 12+

Working with local agencies to take young people into natural bush settings. Fishing, yarning, mobile recording/hip hop sessions, a team effort to build stronger relationships with young people at risk.

Community Events

Our Concerts are inclusive of the whole community, and usually signal the completion of a program. Our participants are given opportunities to become involved in various stages of the event planning, design, and of course, the performance, while working together toward a common goal.

Film and Photography Workshops

We facilitate opportunities for young people to raise awareness of issues in their community through film and photography – such as alcohol and other drugs, cyber-bullying, and suicide. These films and photos are often featured at the concerts, when appropriate.