Wallaga Lake Koori Village

We have worked in close collaboration with South East Arts NSW, providing music, film, artist development and individual mentoring to the community at Wallaga Lake Koori Village since February of 2015. Watch our Wallaga Lake video here

We are committed to working continuously with South East Arts toward the Jigamy Aboriginal Festival in 2018, with a focus on the development of emerging musicians and young performers from both Wallaga and Eden Communities. This will be achieved by using quality facilitation, extended time in community, consultation with community leaders and supporting the individual skill sets and performance experience of each participant.

Our work continues to address and ease the culture of shame through developing self-expression, resilience and self worth. The participants work toward a performance that lets them feel acknowledged, validated and worthy; and for many it is the first time they have experienced this sense of empowerment.


We have presented performers at the Cobargo Folk Festival in 2015 and 2017 and at two Concerts on community grounds that attracted over 300 and 400 audience members from the surrounding areas, most of whom were non-Aboriginal. GTM concerts encourage the attention and support of the wider regions and surrounding public, who otherwise would not interact with Aboriginal communities.


The deep south coast of NSW is alive with artists and musicians and we support some of these artists though individual mentoring, performance support and connection to industry professionals. Check them out…

Warren Foster                     Gabadoo


Since 2015, we have worked alongside and gained the support of Shelley Morris and Neil Murray, who collaborated with our program toward the community concert at each visit.


In 2016, we worked in consultation with community leaders and South East Arts to produce several short films of great cultural significance, which have since been acquired for broadcast by NITV.


In 2017, we will support local artists at the Bermagui Seaside Fair, Candelo Village Festival and Wallaga Lake Village Concert again in October. Along with South East Arts, we are excited to extend our reach to include the Eden Aboriginal community. The deep familial connections between Wallaga and Eden will provide a solid in-road for the Program set to run in November. Grow the Music has always been intent on returning regularly to Wallaga Lake. A continued presence while working with neighbouring communities is the key to strengthening the Aboriginal cultural arts landscape in this under-resourced region.