People of GTM

Lizzy Rutten is the co-founder of Grow the Music and Director of community programsIMG_1955

Lizzy specializes in whole community engagement and has spent over 5 years working in the East Kimberley regions, Maningrida and Wallaga Lake Koori Village. Her energy and ability to connect through music is inspiring and she easily builds trust and motivation amongst people of all ages. She is also an accomplished drummer and guitarist, prolific songwriter and energetic performer.

She currently mentors and manages several artists from various communities, and records and produces music connecting artists to industry professionals. She has recorded over 200 tracks since 2012.

Emily White is the co-founder of Grow the Music and Managing Director.
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Emily has directed Grow the Music as an effective and reputable music program for Aboriginal and Refugee Communities since 2012. Her time spent in Aboriginal communities since 2011 has developed a deep understanding for the effective methods for learning music in these remote and unique settings.

She has over 15 years’ experience teaching music to young people. Along with her astounding musicality she holds an associate diploma in piano, and works as a professional vocal coach. specializing in early childhood music programs.

Together with Lizzy, she has coordinated many community arts projects across Australia along with teaching professionals, students and the wider community with their unique style of music workshops.