Where is the Love?

Wallaga Lake, the home of Gulaga Mountain, the mother mountain. A very special place that we are privileged to be welcome. We bring donated instruments and new opportunities in music to the whole community. The young people have been eager for our return and the elders have welcomed us with open arms. This short film produced by Dean Brosch for Grow the Music 2016 features the young people of Wallaga and the lyrics from ‘Where is the Love” by the Black Eyed Peas.



Shaun Meehan

Meet Shaun Meehan – poet and hip hop artist from Wyndham, WA. He is also a dear friend and participant of our Music program in the Kimberley.

After spending much of 2014 touring both coastlines of Australia with Grow the Music and Brad Martin Project,  Shaun has reached new heights, returning to his home town of Wyndham in the East Kimberley with a dream to lead the way for the people of his community to be able to access more opportunities in Music and the Arts.

Film by Jane Leyshon.


Our First Birthday

It’s our birthday, Grow the Music has just turned one!

After one year of operation, Grow the Music is looking back to see how much we have achieved and realising that this is the tip of the iceberg! Video compiled by Jane Leyshon.