Give the gift of music to someone in need.

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The gift of an instrument is the most effective way to contribute to a young person’s music education. Grow the Music accepts your unwanted instruments to continue to provide access to quality musical instruments and tuition in our communities.


Programs for Aboriginal communities

Our programs aim to improve the health and well-being of a community through tangible workshops around the music and arts industry. Whatever your needs are, Grow the Music works to provide a unique and specialised program of workshops, mentoring and performance opportunities. We can provide anywhere from 1 day workshops to 4 weeks of intensive programming with various mentors. 

From playing in a band, drumming, singing, recording, making instruments from recycled materials, artist development, mentoring, performance skills and individual tuition, there is something for everyone! 

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Our approach to community engagement

Grow the Music consults with community leaders and organisations to identify the needs and desired outcomes for the whole community. The success of a program relies on building sustained and genuine relationships with key family groups and elders.

In our current communities, we have gained the respect that is a necessary foundation to both the cooperation and enthusiasm of the whole community. Whole community engagement is crucial for a successful program, and we value the collaboration of local agencies and stakeholders.

Wallaga lake NSW