Our Values

cropped-cropped-823429_284082165052847_136559030_o1.jpgOur Vision: Setting up sustainable programs and training local people to have an ongoing Music/Arts Hub that enables community members to grow, become self-determining and break the culture of ‘shame’ through the arts.

Our holistic vision is to assist in building a future where programs such as these are used widely to support music education that leads to improved wellbeing, mental health awareness and community leadership and pr

Our Mission is to support the ambitions and dreams of participants.

We achieve this through providing mentoring and world class tuition in the arts where participants are able to recognise their own leadership skills, mental health awareness and become proactive mentors in their community. We aspire to create and support opportunities for performance and self expression through music, film and the arts.


Our Goals:
We support the ambitions of our participants by:
  • Providing world class tuition in popular instruments
  • Consultation with the community leaders
  • Donating instruments of quality and maintaining existing instruments.
  • Creating community spaces that are safe
  • Mentoring young people for performances.
  • Providing opportunities to perform through community concerts and events.
  • Supporting individual musicians and their artist development over time.
  • Capturing local stories, artist profiles and short films for national broadcast opportunities on television, internet and radio.
  • Connecting artists and communities to industry professionals.