The journey so far…

Grow the Music began in 2012, and has remained a grass roots program, engaging with remote and regional Indigenous communities across Australia with a unique approach to creative arts and performance.

In the process, precious footage and sound recordings from within these communities has been produced, and we have seen firsthand, that through the creative arts, Aboriginal people can truly represent their culture and lifestyle to the mainstream media, reaching a wider audience.

We have recorded and supported local musicians and bands from the East Kimberley, Arnhem land and the South Coast of NSW, providing performance support at regional festivals and facilitating their individual promotion and development.  We have been fortunate to collaborate with and gain the support of Australian music legend, Neil Murray.

What a privilege it is to see each person who engages with the program, grow and shine through the universal language of music.

 – Lizzy and Emily

Founders of Grow the Music