The short answer is many things! From playing in a band, drumming, singing, recording, making instruments from recycled materials, artist development, mentoring, performance skills and individual tuition, there is something for everyone! 


Our program aims at improving the health and well-being of a community by tangible workshops around the music and arts industry.  Our program is a preventative program aimed at building resilience and self esteem, creating awareness of emotions around issues such as primary health, mental health and domestic violence. We invite local doctors and health workers to attend our family music nights and bush trips to better connect with the community. 


Grow the Music programs are tailored to your community or organisation. We consult with community leaders and organisations to identify the needs and desired outcomes for your families and young people. The success of a program relies on sustained and genuine relationships with key family groups and elders. In our current communities, we have gained the respect that is a necessary foundation to both the cooperation and enthusiasm of the whole community. 


Our world class facilitators provide consolidated workshops for schools, teenagers, early childhood centres and adults.  We focus on artist development and performance techniques to ready local musicians for local performances and the end of Program concert. We design specific workshops for young men and young women to promote self worth and leadership.


Grow the Music uses state of the art equipment providing each community with high quality sound and a professional range of technology to reach the ultimate music and production experience.


Filming during the program is vital to the impact and success of individual artists and the ability to represent local stories and music to the media. Grow the Music works with experienced filmmakers, and connects our content to a wide national audience through NITV and ABC television, radio and online media.


Our longer programs (3-4 weeks) include a community concert. Our participants work toward a performance where they feel acknowledged, validated and worthy; and for many it is the first time they have experienced this sense of empowerment. Whole community engagement is crucial for a successful concert, and we value the collaboration of local agencies and stakeholders.


Whatever your needs are, Grow the Music works to provide a unique and specialised program of workshops, mentoring and opportunities. We can provide anywhere from 1 day workshops to 4 weeks of intensive programming with multiple facilitators. 


Grow the Music remains grass roots, with an unrivalled passion, and values our ongoing commitment to Aboriginal communities. Through music, film and performance our program grows the self-esteem and confidence of each individual, and it is our mission to support their ambitions.